Rose-shaped are upright ears that fall to the side, resembling a distinctive flower form. Greyhounds, whippets, bulldogs and pugs all have these ears. Bulldogs and Bull Terriers, were bred with ears set high but laid far back on the head—where they’re safer from dog bites. Greyhounds and Whippets, on the other hand, have an even farther back placement to streamline their heads, making them faster when they run. Looking at not only the rose shape, but also at where the ear itself is placed, helps determine the function.


Whippet FCI Standard N° 162 / 18.10.2019


Rose shaped, small, fine in texture.

Commento Standard Whippet

When the dog is alert, the ears should be folded and have a slight curvature of the sides. They should not point straight out to the sides or stand straight up. If the earflap is too thick, too heavy or too large this will affect the typical expression of the breed.

(Tradotto da: Illustrated Breed Standard Svenska Whippetklubben 2014)

Rose shaped means that when ears are thrown back, they reveal the inner burr of the ear. In repose the leather of the ear should fold against the neck. when the whippet is alert are brought forward and p in a semi erect position, retaining the rose shape with the tips pointing out and downwards.

(from: Extended Breed Standard of Whippet - The National Whippet Council Australia)




Extended and illustrated standards are compiled purely for the purpose of traning judges, breeders and students of the breeds. Whippet extended stadards have been written by Australia National Whippet Council and by the Svedish whippet club. Here we compare extracts of both these pubblication with the breed standard published by FCI in 18.10.2018 and other cinological pubblications, to deeply understand standard and its interpretations.