This Illustrated Breed Standard is especially prepared as an education tool for breeders and judges as well as others who may be interested in expanding their knowledge of the breed.



Whippet FCI Standard N° 162 / 14.05.2007

Balanced combination of muscular power and strength with elegance and grace of outline. Built for speed and work. All forms of exaggeration should be avoided

Whippet comment to the standard

is a breed without exaggeration the word you think of when describing a whippet is balance. A whippet should have balance between power and

The symmetry between the top and the under line is a beautiful balance of curves.

The angle of the shoulder and the upper arm is equal to the angle of the upper thigh and the second thigh again ideal balance.

From the head with expressive eyes, well shaped ears, long muscular neck, with an elegant arch, into smoothly well laid back shoulders and a muscular back line with a definite arch over the loin. Strong jaws with a perfect scissor bite, down the neck into a well filled front that curves into a
deep chest with plenty of room for heart and lungs, up under the well drawnup abdomen down the rear thighs which give the dog an S shaped curve that harmonizes with the top line. A whippet is equal strength, balance, elegance and beauty

(From: Illustrated Breed Standard Svenska Whippetklubben 2014)