Illustrated Breed Standard are prepared to more clearly interpret the whippet breed standard (FCI-­‐Standard N162/14.05.2007).  Swedish Whippet Club’s Board of Directors and Swedish Whippet Club’s breeder/judges have worked together to create one of its own. Also Australian kennel club published an Extended breed standard of whippet.


Whippet FCI Standard N° 162 / 14.05.2007

WHIPPET Jaws/Teeth

Jaws strong, powerful and clean cut with a perfect scissors bite, i.e The Upper teeth completely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws

Standard Whippet


Malocclusion is now relatively rare but occasionally one sees too thin or/and too narrow jaws preventing teeth from sitting in their proper positions.

(Illustrated Breed Standard Svenska Whippetklubben 2014)

The Jaws should be strong with a correct bite for the whippet to be able to grip and hold its quarry. it could be that if heads get too long, for instance, bad bites could creep in, even now there are signs of weak underjaws appearing, this is something to be aware of.

(Extended Breed Standard of Whippet - The National Whippet Council Australia)