E' nata una cucciolata di greyhound il 20 ottobre 2013 da padre Showline Sporting Trophy at Sobers e madre Blancmange Bolshoi Ballerina


Greyhound puppies


Greyhound litter burn 20 October 2013

 Sire: Showline Sporting Trophy at Sobers 

Dam:  Blancmange Bolshoi Ballerina





2 Males - Kollaps Trice, Kollaps Melibeous

3 Females - Kollaps Mi, Kollaps Catax, Kollaps Salome




Sire: Showline Sporting Trophy at Sobers (Giacomo), greyhound male bred by Norwegian Kennel Showline and standing in Italy, Bitte Ahrens Primavera, all. Sobers. Giacomo is Italian Champion and, probably he was one of the most important stud of 2000's.

Dam: Blancmange Boshoi Ballerina greyhound female, imported in Italy by Kollaps in 2010 From Blancmange kennel of Ove Larsen. Ballerina is International, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia Champion