Dog show results - Kollaps greyhound, chart polski and whippet

At Club del levriero Dog Show 2021, in Padenghe del Garda, Italy, Kollaps kennel entered with greyhound male Kollaps Four Darks in Red and greyhound puppy Kollaps Chocolate Idèal NaïfHoundskingdom, Greyhound female Kollaps Flumequine, Kollaps away from the flock e Kollaps, Kollaps Jaenne Hébuterne, chart polsky Kollaps Tierzaj Y Zdzislaw Beksinski, and whippet female Kollaps lit and bed.


Breed judge

Greyhound Mrs. Randi Juliussen (NO)

Whippet: Mr. György Tesics (HU)


Kollaps kennel results

Greyhound male open class

JWW21, JIT, JSMR, Kollaps Four Darks in Red 1°ecc. CAC Best in Show Brace



Greyhound male puppy class

Kollaps Chocolate Idèal NaïfHoundskingdom

1st  VP, Bob puppy, Best in show puppy



Greyhound Female open class

Kollaps Jaenne Hébuterne

1° Ecc. R-CAC, Best in Show Brace


Greyhound female intermediate class

Kollaps Flumequine 

1st Ecc. CAC


Greyhound female junior class

Kollaps away from the flock

1st ecc. Junior BOB


Whippet femmine classe libera

Kollaps Lit and Bed 5th ecc. in a strong class with 14 Whippet