Updating dog show, Kollaps greyhound and whippet

At Albarella national dog show, 19/05/19, Kollaps kennel entered with greyhound Kollaps Melibeous and L'Ai Je Bien Descendu ad Honores and whippet  Kollaps No door or windows e Kollaps U No Es Ningu. Kollaps Melibeous entered also for Leone Alato Championship 


Breed Judge

Antonino La Barbera: greyhound, whippet

Best in show Judges

Serena Bernardi: coppie e juniores

Antonino La Barbera: levrieri


 Kollaps results

Greyhound male champion class

Kollaps Melibeous 

1° ecc. Miglior greyhound, Best of Breed, secondo miglior levriero R-Best of Group, Best in show coppie, Terzo Best in Show Leone Alato


Greyhound female champion class

L'Ai Je Bien Descendu adHonores

1° ecc. Miglior femmina greyhound, BOS


Whippet female puppy class

Kollaps no door or windows

1° ecc. BOB juniores e Best in show Juniores


Whippet male puppy class

Kollaps U No Es Ningu

1° ecc. BOS juniores