Kollaps greyhound

IDS Rimini ( IT)

20 apr 2014

Greyhound open class


BOB and 3#BOG 

Judges : Jasna Matejcic, Sergio Pierluigi.



Greyhound male

Livets Dans

Victor, Livets Dans is a greyhound male from first greyhound litter bred by Kollaps. 

Livets Dans is son of Jet's Light in your eyes, bred by JET'S di Espen Engh and imported in 2009 by Kollaps.

Jet's Light in your Eyes is Beauty champion in 7 country, including Italy, he is International Champion and "Campione Riproduttore" 

Livets Dans Had been competitive from the first show, he won BOB in first sighthound speciality at 18 months

He won numerous BOB, BOG e JBIS, he is Beauty Champion in 6 country, including Italy, International champion too and Club Champion 2015 for Club del levriero.

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