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Kollaps Melibeous BOB BOG and RES-BEST IN SHOW all breeds!

Whippet (23 entries)

Classe campioni maschi

ch.Sunny Morning Eight Legs CACIB, BOS

Classe juniores maschi

kollaps Sleeping by day - 9 months- JBOB and JBOG

Classe juniores femmine

kollaps Impromptu JBOS


Levriero Greyhound Kollaps Melibeous

Damien. Kollaps Melibeous is a greyhound male bred by Kollaps in 2014.

Kollaps Melibeous is by Sire Showline Sporting Trophy at Sobers (Giacomo), bred by Norwegian Kennel Showline and standing in Italy, Bitte Ahrens Primavera, all. Sobers. Giacomo is Italian Champion and, probably he was one of the most important stud of 2000's.

Dam is Blancmange Boshoi Ballerina imported in Italy by Kollaps in 2010 From Blancmange kennel of Ove Larsen.

Ballerina is International, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia Champion

Kollaps Melibeous is Junior Italian, Italian, International, Champion, Club Champion both 2016 and 2017, and R-BIS at the international dog show of Verona and Vicenza, and BIS Brace in copule with L'Ai Je Bien Descendu ad Honores

Kollaps Melibeous is sire of the Jeff Koons litter.

Levriero whippet - Kollaps Sleeping

Kollaps Sleeping by Day is a whippet male bred by kollaps from Cesar Litter.

Sleeping is son of Carey Grant, from Regina Lia kennel. He is International champion, Junior Italian Champion, Croatian and Slovenian Champion

Sleeping mother is Hailhare Ariadna dell'allevamento Kollaps, Campionessa Serba, Montenegro e Campionessa Riproduttrice.


Levriero Whippet - Kollaps Impromptu

Michiko, Kollaps Impromptu is a whippet female bred by kollaps in, Caesar litter

Kollaps Impromptu is out by sire Carey Grant, whippet male from Reginalia kennel, international, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian champino, and mother Hailhare Ariadna Serbia, Montenegro champion and Breeding Champion


FCI Show rules

Classes in which the CACIB can be awarded:

- Intermediate class (from 15 to 24 months) compulsory
- Open Class (15 months and over) compulsory
- Working Class (15 months and over) compulsory
- Champion Class (15 months and over) compulsory

Champion Class

To enter a dog in Champion Class, one of the following titles must have been confirmed by the day of the official closing date of entries; proof of this, by copy, must be enclosed with the entry form.

  • International Beauty Champion of the FCI (CIB)
  • International Show Champion of the FCI (CIE)
  • National Beauty Champion of an FCI member country (with at least 2 CAC from thatsame country)
  • National Show Champion of an FCI country
  • National Beauty Champion of a non-FCI country which has signed a letter of
    understanding with FCI
  • National Show Champion of a non-FCI country which has signed a letter of
    understanding with FCI

Minor Puppy Class (correctly inoculated puppies up to 6 months) optional

Puppy Class (from 6 to 9 months) optional

Junior Class (from 9 to 18 months) compulsory

Veteran Class (from 8 years and over) compulsory

 Dog Qualification and placing

 The qualifications given by the judges must correspond to the following definitions:

EXCELLENT may only be awarded to a dog which comes very close to the ideal standard of the breed, which is presented in excellent condition, displays a harmonious, well-balanced temperament, is of high class and has excellent posture. Its superior characteristics in respect of its breed permit that minor imperfections can be ignored; it must however have the typical features of its sex.

VERY GOOD may only be awarded to a dog that possesses the typical features of its breed, which has well-balanced proportions and is in correct condition. A few minor faults may be tolerated. This award can only be granted to a dog that shows class.

GOOD is to be awarded to a dog that possesses the main features of its breed. The good points should outweigh the faults so that the dog can be considered a good representative of its breed.

SUFFICIENT should be awarded to a dog which corresponds adequately to its breed, without possessing the generally accepted characteristics or whose physical condition leaves a lot to be desired.

Titles and awords

CACIB – Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté de la FCI The only dogs which can be taken into consideration for the CACIB are those which have been awarded “EXCELLENT 1” in intermediate, open, working and champion class.

A CACIB can only be awarded if the dog in question has been assessed as being of superior quality. The CACIB is not automatically and compulsorily linked to the “EXCELLENT 1” 

The Reserve CACIB is awarded to the second best dog which was given the qualification “EXCELLENT” from the above mentioned classes. The dog placed second in the class where the CACIB winner comes from can compete for the Reserve CACIB, if awarded excellent. It is not compulsory to award the Reserve CACIB.

Best of Breed (BOB) and Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)

The Best junior, CACIB winner and best veteran from both sexes, if awarded excellent, will compete for Best of Breed (BOB). The judge must also choose the best exhibit from the opposite sex (BOS) next to the BOB winner.