Sighthound speciality Lubiana 2017

21 Gen 2017

Greyhound females puppy class

Kollaps Silk 1° v.p. 2nd BEST IN SHOW baby


Main ring competitions

Best in Show, Best in Group, Breeders’ Group, Progeny Group, Couple Class (Brace), Best Veteran, Best Junior, Best Puppy, Best Minor Puppy and Junior Handling must be judged by one judge appointed in advance.

To make the competitions in the ring of honour more efficient the judge should prejudge the exhibits or groups in a separate ring in due time before they are expected in the ring of honour so that the judge after watching the dogs enter the main ring can quickly choose the semi-finalists or finalists that will need a closer look.

The only judges who may judge these competitions are those who are allowed to do so by their respective national canine organization.

If a dog behaves aggressively in the ring (breed-group-finals) and its behaviour is eye-witnessed by the judge in duty, the latter has to write a report for the attention of the organizing committee and has to disqualify the dog for the rest of the competition.

All the awards and titles of the day are cancelled.