International dog show Arezzo 2017

Arezzo, within the Business Center, Sunday, February 12 was held the International dog show with more than 2,600 registered dogs.


List of Judge GROUP 10 - Sighthounds

Corvi Stefano (IT) Whippet

Grunheid, Jean-Louis (FR) Deerhound, Borzoi, Levriero Afgano, Azawakh, Saluki

Ahrens Bitte Primavera (IT) Piccolo Levriero Italiano (MS), Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Sloughi, Levriero Ungherese, Galgo Espanol, Levriero Polacco

List of Judge - Best in Show

GIOVANI: Uroševic Milivoje (RS)

GRUPPO 10: Grunheid, Jean-Louis (FR)

BEST IN SHOW: Valdés Gabriel (CO)


Results - Kollaps Kennel Greyhound and Whippet

Greyhound male junior class

Lu et Approve ad Honores 1° Exc BEST OF BREED

Lu is new Junior Italian Champion

Greyhound female open class

Kollaps Salome 1° eccellente, CAC BOS