#‎Splitsummernight2016 international dog show 2016

31 july 2016

Whippet maschi

‪     #‎Splitsummernight2016‬ dog show 2016 4SummerNights Kollaps Sleeping by day Croatian Champion


    Split day 1 international dog show 28 luglio 2016

    Split day 2 international dog show 29 luglio 2016

    Split day 3 international dog show 30 luglio 2016

    Split day 4 international dog show 31 luglio 2016


Whippet Maschio - Kollaps Sleeping By Day

Kollaps Sleeping by Day is a whippet male bred by kollaps from Cesar Litter.

Sleeping is son of Carey Grant, from Regina Lia kennel. He is International champion, Junior Italian Champion, Croatian and Slovenian Champion

Sleeping mother is Hailhare Ariadna dell'allevamento Kollaps, Campionessa Serba, Montenegro e Campionessa Riproduttrice.

kollaps Sleeping by Day è miglior whippet giovane: TOP DOG GIOVANE 2016