Updating Beauty Titles, Kollaps greyhound

With National Dog Show of Liburnia (Croatia) 2017, CAC Opatija Lovran (HR), Livets Dans is Croatian show champion . Victor is just Italian, Slovenian, Serbia, Romanian, International and junior Italian Champion, Club champion 2015 - Club del levriero


Nazionale Rovigno 2017 - 1° giorno - greyhound

Internazionale Umago 2017 - 1° giorno - greyhound

Internazionale Umago 2017 - 2° giorno - greyhound

Nazionale di Liburnia 2017 greyhound






For FCI races you are requesting the International Beauty Championship, if the dog does not have, to be admitted to the Croatian Champion Champion title, these dogs must:

A) four times CAC HR;
B) Two CACs (of these four CACs) should have been obtained at international shows (CACIB shows);
(C) these four CACs should have been obtained from at least three different judges;
D) the title can not be officially confirmed before the age of 24 months of a dog

*** Note: By the decision of the Croatian Executive Committee of the Kennel Club on December 20, 2013, the same dog can obtain the certificate for both the Croatian Champion in Beauty and the Croatian Champion. Of course, the performances written for a title can not be used for the second.