Kollaps Greyhound and whippet, recognized breeding ENCI FCI for the selection of greyhound and whippet.

We breed greyhound and whippet for show and companionship. Our Bloodline includes Italian, Norwegian, Swedish and French champions to reproduce quality and healthy puppies with excellent temperament and character.

We make very few litters selecting pedigrees with care.

Greyhounds and whippet are very sensitive, they are used to establish a very intense, symbiotic relationship with man.

This is why our greyhound and whippet live in the house with us and are members of our family.

Even puppies have grown and educated in the home, receiving all the care and attention they need from the first days of life, to develop cognitive skills and have a stable and affectionate character.

We carefully select their new home. We follow puppies and their owners for all life, giving advice on how to maintain a good state of physical maintenance and emotional balance.

Breeding is a passion not a job, we try to follow our mission with the dedication that sighthounds require.